Maui, Hawaii

What a beautiful island! We spent 2 weeks here last year, and another 2 weeks this year (2015), November 30 – December 14. This island is easy to get around and has a lot to offer for everyone. Accommodations are perfect for any size of group you may have. Our choice is a condo, with a kitchen and beautiful grounds to wander through on the way to the beach.
We rent a vehicle, but it isn’t completely necessary if you don’t want to. Our favorite area to stay is Kihei. It’s situated on the west shore with fantastic beaches!

We got up early one morning (about 2am) and drove to the top of the Haleakala Volcano to see the stars. It was truly amazing. The drive is on a winding road that is very well maintained. Once at the top, you’re at 10000 feet above sea level. Now that’s a climb! The views of the sky are something to see. Bring a jacket and warmer clothing. It gets pretty cold up there. We left just before the sun was rising, but were able to get some great shots on the way down. The drive itself is worth this trip. The other option would be to go up later in the afternoon to watch the sunset.

Lahaina is a short drive from Kihei. This little town is a perfect shopping day. There are a ton of art galleries, souvenir shops and restaurants to choose from. A must see is the giant Banyan tree. This tree and it’s aerial roots now covers almost .66 acres.

Depending on the time of year that you’re there, you may see whales. There are tours you can book for this, or just watch from the beaches and you’ll likely see them. Sea turtles are also abundant in the area. We saw them almost every day. If you’re into snorkeling, be sure to bring your gear along.

When you’re ready for a relaxing vacation, consider Maui, Hawaii!

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