Cruising to Alaska!

The fresh air and mostly sunny days made our Alaskan Cruise one to remember! This cruise started and ended in Vancouver. Boarding the ship is a simple process, with only a couple of line ups. Once on board, there is plenty of time to wander and get to know the ship before departure. This trip was on board the Coral Princess, with approximately 2000 passengers. It never seemed crowded, and there was always something to do. The main dining room is always a personal fave of mine. The food and service are well worth it. If you don’t feel like sitting down at a set time, there’s always the buffet, as well as a pizza place and grill that serves burgers, fries and so much more. You’re never at a loss for something to eat on a cruise!

Our first full day was at sea. A highlight in the morning was a vegetable and fruit carving demonstration. These skilled professionals are very creative, and showed us how to make some beautiful “food animals and birds” using mainly a small knife. I found a couple of these to be a great use for eggplant! There were many other entertaining options to take part in throughout the day. Anything from Bingo, to shopping, spa, gym or just enjoying the indoor pool!

The views while cruising are fantastic. I’ve always thought this was a perfect way to experience the rugged beauty of Alaska, while only having to unpack once.

Every ship going to Alaska, will cruise to a Glacier. Ours was into Glacier Bay where we stopped to view the magnificent Margerie Glacier in Tarr Inlet. The ship stops for some amazing views and photo opportunities. We were lucky enough to watch some of the ice calve and fall into the water in front of us. The sound is incredible!

This little town has a population of around 1000 people. During the cruise ship season, it jumps up considerably. Various jewelry shops and other stores will open for the 5 month duration, and provide a lot of their own staff. Skagway is the birthplace of the Klondike gold rush. The precious metal was unearthed here in 1896.
Each port will offer optional excursions which you can book on board the ship, or once you’ve booked your cruise. A very popular excursion here is the White Pass Railway that takes you 3000 feet in elevation in just under 20 miles. Be sure to stroll around the town, and include a stop at the Red Onion Saloon before you leave! This was built in 1897, and was one of the finest bordellos in Skagway.

The capital city of Alaska is home to roughly 37000 people. This city is the only U.S. capital that is accessible only by boat or plane. Once here, you’ll have a ton of tour options to choose from, or if you just feel like wandering the streets or taking it easy, take the Tram up to Mt. Roberts for some amazing views!  Feeling more adventurous… maybe a hike on the Mendenhall Glacier! Whale watching, dog sledding, helicopter tours are just a few options to consider on your Alaskan Cruise. Before heading back to the ship, make a stop at the Red Dog Saloon and try their famous Duck Fart Shot. You won’t be disappointed!

We arrived into this beautiful city with light rain. It is a rain forest, so we weren’t completely surprised. The sun came out shortly after our arrival, and made for a perfect day to wander down Creek Street, and a quick hike up Married Mans Trail.
Ketchikan’s popluation is approximately 8000. It is well known for its many Native American Totem poles, which you’ll see all over town. Various boat tours, and float plane tours would be great ideas for this stop.

Our last day at sea took us through some of the most beautiful scenery on the way back to Vancouver. There were opportunities to watch dolphins swimming along side of us, and even a few humpback whales!
Once again, the ship offered various activities throughout the day, so you could never be bored. The cooking demonstration and tour of the galley was a great way to spend part of the morning. There is usually at least one or 2 evening shows on board, and if you really like to take part, you can now experience the Voice of the Ocean. This is an opportunity to show off your own singing talents. Dancing is offered in 2 lounges, and another bar offers a piano man.

If you’ve never cruised, and would like more information on how to get on board, just let me know.


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