Montreal for a day!

When your flight is delayed, choose to make the best of it. The airline we were flying with experienced a delay the morning we were to fly out of Montreal. I went to ask if there was another flight we could get on, and there were none. So, they offered a night in a hotel, with meal vouchers, and we decided that we would take this offer and explore a bit of Montreal for the day before flying out the next morning.

We hopped on a bus, then a short train ride to Place-d’Armes which put us in beautiful Old Montreal. A short stroll up the hill brought us right in front of Basilique Notre-Dame. We quickly found a horse and carriage driver, who took us for a spin around this part of the city. He filled us in on the history of the buildings we were passing. Afterwards, we strolled through cobble stone streets to see this beautiful area, and ended up at Place Jacques Cartier. It’s a great area to wander through. We stopped in at a local restaurant, and couldn’t resist having some poutine.

While this was a very quick visit of Old Montreal, we loved every minute! Delays aren’t always so bad. Remember that they can be a part of your traveling experience, and there is almost always a silver lining!

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