The 14 day quarantine

So, you’ve just taken a trip out of the country. On arrival back to Canada, you are currently required to quarantine at home, or somewhere without other people for 14 days. This sounds like a lot, but here are some ways that might make this task a little easier.

This is not my house

Step 1: Before you travel:
Do not attempt to clean your home. This will definitely take up several hours of the 14 days once you get back. It might even be a good idea to make up a schedule to do the cleaning. This schedule writing could potentially use up at least an hour or two of your time.
It’s also important to stock up on food prior to your departure. Of course, it is nice to have someone available that could pick up fresh fruit, veggies etc once you get home.
You can also use a number of different delivery services to order groceries, meals….anything you think you might require.

Step 2: Heading home:
Prior to arriving in Canada, you will now need to download the ArriveCan app. You’ll be able to add your arriving flight details, along with other pertinent information that is required at this time. Every couple of days, you’ll receive an email asking how you’re feeling and if you’re following all the rules that you agreed to. This will eat up a good 5 minutes to answer their questions. This time is really flying by!

Step 3: At home:
Well, here we are for the next 14 days. I’m sure you’ll have some laundry from the trip to do. I would suggest doing 1 load per day. This will extend the job, and will feel as though you have a lot to do.
And now, back to house cleaning. If you left the house in a bit of disarray before your trip, this will be a welcome chore. Again, don’t rush through it.
If you’re lucky enough to work from home, you can also schedule in your work time, which will then make the time seem to go even quicker.
Other suggestions might be an at home work out program, Netflix, video games. The possibilities are endless!

When you consider all the time it will take to do all of these chores, make meals, answer the ArriveCan app questions every other day, you’ll be done with the quarantine before you know it.

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